Reduce Food Waste - June's Top Tips


Stop Food Waste

With (hopefully!) more warm weather in store, safe storage of food is crucial for health as well as waste prevention.  Your  two allies are your fridge and freezer.


 ★Make sure fruit and veg are stored correctly - there is more information on this at

★ Keep your fridge in order - a clean and well maintained fridge will ensure food is not lost behind a jar or container. Always try and keep your fridge between 0-5°C.

★ Supermarkets are smart and use stock control. Try this at home and rotate the food in your fridge and freezer - put new stuff behind older food so when grabbing food you will always use the oldest stuff.

★Keep all dairy products in the fridge. As the saying goes ‘milk left out for an hour is the same as a day in the fridge!’

★ Fridges tend to dehydrate food. Keep meat, poultry or fish in an air-tight container, covered in a bag orwrapped in cling film. Alternatively freeze it until needed.

★ Keep salad leaves in box with a lid on or in a bag with a clip - a small bit of water in the bottom will prolong their freshness.


★ When freezing, cut the food into the portion size that you are going to need later. Label everything and ensure that the food is fully covered or tightly wrapped. BUT don’t forget what’s in there for 3 years!

★ If you are not going to use meat or fish, freeze it or cook it and eat it in the following days.

★ Bread is commonly thrown out - try to buy smaller packs. If you don’t use bread that often try freezing the loaf and taking slices out as you need them. Most toasters have a de-frost option making it quick and easy to get bread when you need it.





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