The Secret Scripture - filming Feb 2-6th


Jim Sheridan

Though Inistioge has been used as a film location a number of times before, the movie scheduled for filming in the first week of February 2015 is set to be one of the most high profile for many years.  Directed by Jim Sheridan it stars Rooney Mara, John Reynor, Theo James, Eric Bana and Vanessa Redgrave.   

The location team has been in the area for many days already painting houses and preparing the village to look as though it is the 1940's again, the time period in which the film is set. Filming will take place over 5 days from Feb 2nd-6th.  

In the run-up to the start of filming the biggest event has been the Extras Casting day on Jan 20th which saw around 1000 people apply to appear in the film.  People arrived in Inistioge from all corners of Ireland and quite a few dressed up in 1940s clothes to improve their chances of being chosen.

Extras Casting Day - Cois Abhann

Extras casting

Dublin Scenes

In the meantime, filming has been ongoing in Dublin as the picture below shows.  Click here for more pictures.

Dublin scenes  

Though there will be quite a bit of disruption during the filming it will be a momentous event for Inistioge and one which is bringing a considerable economic benefit to the area.  Anyone with any queries on the filming contact us on 

Check out Ellen Keane's short film made while The Secret Scripture was in the village here 




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